How to score an no deposit bonus or get things for free

What could be more fun than playing an online casino game, with a bonus, without depositing any money? Right, nothing! Not surprisingly, the no deposit bonus is one of the most popular bonuses at an online casino. The only thing you often have to do is to create a casino account. And even before you make a deposit, the no deposit bonus is already activated. Online casinos are always trying to attract new players. So, when you create a new account, you get this no deposit bonus as a welcoming gift.

How to receive a no deposit bonus?

Most online casinos award the no deposit casino bonus upon registration. This is the only condition they need. You have to create a new account and you shouldn’t have an existing account or created one in the past. They check the IP address of your internet connection. If your IP address is incorrect, you will not get a no deposit bonus. In fact, you can only have one account per IP address per casino. This is often a rule they apply within their policy to prevent duplicate accounts.

Identity check with a new account

Besides an IP address, you will have to deal with an identity check. The casino verifies who exactly you are based on your ID. They are required to do this in the context of legal online gambling. They have to create a database of players and register who gambles online and where they come from. The online casino will check if you have created two accounts. So, there is no point in using a different email address and a VPN connection to claim the no deposit bonus. If the casino finds out that you have created a duplicate account, you will not only not get your no deposit bonus. The site may also decide not to pay out your money. So, always play by the rules of the online casino!

What can you expect from an no deposit bonus?

Most online casino sites give new players free spins with no deposit as a gift. Usually, you get between 10 and 50 free spins with no deposit for a registration. This is always on a designated slot machine. The value of the spin is usually the lowest spin. This amounts to €0.10 to €0.15 per spin. There are also online casinos that give free play money as a gift instead of free spins. This is usually a small amount of money. For example, €5, but you can spend this amount on almost all games. Sometimes a special bonus code is available for even more free spins. Do you want to try? Click here and play for free!

So, what the best no deposit bonus is for you differs. It’s a personal preference off course. Will you go for the 50 free spins without a deposit? Or go for the 5 euros for online roulette.

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